Sometimes things really irritate me.

My daughter is just really nice in that she’d never be snobby to anyone or act too good to hang out with them. She’s all pro-nonjudgment and whatnot, which you want your kids to be to the extent that they’re kind, but not necessarily to the extent that they think it’s inappropriate to judge someone for not bathing and go ahead and hang out with Stinky Smelly Kid at school and thus become known mostly as Stinky Smelly Kid’s friend who is therefore also stinky and smelly. This isn’t the issue, just an illustration. Think about it, and don’t judge me. Ha. I digress.

So my daughter made friends a couple of years ago with this girl that lived near us and rode her bus. The girl seemed ok at first until I spent more than 10 minutes with her. She’s loud and obnoxious. She throws her relatively large body frame around and breaks things with it and then her parents don’t apologize or offer to replace the things she’s broken because she doesn’t know how to act. But my daughter just loved her so I did what you do. I got to know her parents.

Her mom is intelligent from books and hard from living. She is also loud and obnoxious. You can’t take her anywhere. Getting your nails done? If she comes she’s going to use the word “chink” and loudly, and talk about how her mom is in jail again so loud that the other ladies in the salon stare and whisper. She knows everything everyone else should do and tells them so but is so disorganized herself that her pickup she hasn’t made a payment on in a year is locked in her garage so the repo man can’t find it. You know the type.

This girl, her daughter, that my girly is friends with, is a year older. She is always dating some random person, mostly via cell phone and facebook, and they always live at least 600 miles away. They post smiley kissing pictures back and forth on facebook. She posts those horrid duck face pictures all over facebook. She wears thick black eye liner and clothes that are two sizes too small. She tells her mother all her friends’ business. So if my daughter and I have a disagreement about anything, no matter how small, this child tells her mother what my kid says and then her mom texts me with, “So what’s going on with you and your kid today?” wanting the scoop so that she can pass some nefarious judgment and make some prognosis and give unsolicited advice. (I’m not assuming this, it’s happened. Many times.). So, during the summer my kid blabs a bunch of stuff to this little girl who blabs it to her mother who does something really despicable (to be addressed at a later date). On one occasion my kid was grounded from TV, computer, and cell phone for failing two classes. She wasn’t grounded indefinitely, she could have it all back when she started passing again. This kids mom calls me up saying that cutting her off from her friends isn’t “right”.

Having heard my opinions on this type of nosy stupid behavior before, this woman and I hardly talk anymore. She announced earlier in the summer that my daughter doesn’t like her step dad so my kids and I should leave and go live with her. (Bear in mind no one really likes their step parents usually at first, and it was all new, and I am a counselor by nature, so we were in family counseling to adjust and now we’re all fine as they say). Having refused her advice and having told her what I thought of it in July….she pulled a stunt (didn’t I already say I’d talk about this later), that caused me a world of problems (which were solved, Thank God)…so then I really got suspicious of this woman and her nosy behavior.

So we rarely talk. Then the other day she texts me with a “hypothetical scenario” in which her husband’s friend’s kid doesn’t like his step mom and they’re fighting a lot and its so unhealthy and she doesn’t know “what to do” and something must be “done” because she “can’t have a child feeling badly in their own home” and she just wants to “ring the guys neck”….I know right away that my kid has told her kid that she is miserable….how do I know? Her progress report came home the night before and it had a D on it, so we lost all our privileges again and my kid was angry. So she went to school and vented to this kid like always and it was starting crap for me like always.

Why does this person do this? Why does a person care so much more about what is going on in your life than in theirs? Why can someone pick out every flaw you have but not notice the huge piece of spinach in their teeth? We attach a lay term to this:  busy body. We say a person like this is a busy body, but it’s not altogether accurate. They’re also mentally ill. Probably dealing with some sort of anxiety regarding their own inadequacies as a human, which they typically mask with an air of grandiosity and a cloak of self importance, and they are far better served by noticing and pointing out your flaws and telling you how to deal with them  because looking inward for two seconds would result in the psychotic break they’ve been holding on to since forever – probably since childhood.

I’ve tried ignoring her to no avail. She finds me everywhere. In traffic. At the school. So this time I dealt solely with my kid, telling her that if she didn’t stop tattling on me that I’d be moving schools for her.

And now, for your entertainment pleasure, I present a facebook status courteous of this loathsome nosy woman’s daughter. Should she stop psycho texting me about MY kid and start helping HER kid with, oh, I don’t know, grammar or spelling instead? Oh, and perhaps that terrible fact that puppy love is gross and definitely will not last. For your convenience the typos and misspellings and grammatical errors are bolded.

I’ve had people tell me this boy isn’t handsome. That’s cuz all you see is he’s looks I see he’s sweet personality and caring heart. I see a boy who has imperfections but is still perfect. He’s scares make him even more prefect. So does his past. I love this kid so much yeah he might not be the one but I love him he’s one of my best friends knows me like the back of his hand. We have our ups and Downs but we’ve made it for 13 months. Hopefully well last but if we don’t I’m glad we had eachother while we did. He loves my imprefections and on my worst days when i look like crap he still tells me no matter what i look beautiful and im happy we found eachother even if its not forever. Iloveyoubaby♥  and thanks for 13 months of weirdness and love along with sillyness. Its never a duel moment with you♥ Iloveyou

See, my daughter doesn’t act like this. I wouldn’t allow it. It’s silly and stupid. My daughter can also spell correctly and knows the difference between duel and dual and dull. So maybe I am ok even without this woman’s input.


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